AntiSomaGen is a privately held biotechnology company located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The Company was incorporated in 2008. AntiSomaGen was organized to develop, commercialize and exploit proprietary technologies to develop new immunotherapeutic drugs and biomarkers. AntiSomaGen possesses two powerful and proprietary genomic and proteomic drug development technology platforms. AntiSomaGen has coupled these platforms – GeneSystem320™ (GS320™) for analytical study of genes and gene expression and ImmunoMouse™ for the development of specific antibodies against genetic sequences of biological significance – into a unified, end-to-end gene discovery, functional analysis and target validation system. AntiSomaGen will utilize these technologies to enable biopharmaceutical collaborators to go from gene study and discovery through function analysis and target validation and directly to therapeutic agents and diagnostic targets. The team at AntiSomaGen is dedicated to its Mission to build shareholder value by utilizing genomic and proteomic technologies to develop novel gene and antibody – based drugs and diagnostics. In order to accomplish this goal, AntiSomaGen has built a team of exceptional scientists and business professionals to convert the vision of the Company. More about AntiSomaGen is available through the links and contact information provided below:

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