We are a biotechnology company, headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, focused on providing a unique, comprehensive solution for the discovery and rapid development of novel antibody-based therapeutics. We possess two proprietary genomic and proteomic drug development technology platforms:

  • GeneSystem320™ for the discovery and analytical study of genes and gene expression, and
  • ImmunoMouse™ for the rapid generation of specific antibodies against genetic sequences of biological and clinical significance.

    These proprietary technology platforms will enable biopharmaceutical researchers to quickly and efficiently progress from gene study and discovery to functional analysis and target validation and ultimately convert those discoveries into novel antibody-based drug candidates. We believe our technologies will also allow researchers to accomplish this faster and more cost-effectively than with methods currently available.

In addition to our core technology platforms, we employ KOR technology in our discovery and instrumentation business through a strategic partnership with New Hope Pharmaceuticals. We have entered into several key collaborative and strategic partnerships with leading biotechnology firms and research institutions for the purpose of commercializing our technology platforms. We believe that we offer integrated solutions that are unique in the industry, substantially enhancing both the speed and the efficacy of antibody-based drug discovery and development.