The technology was originally developed by privately-held Kirkengaard & Perry Laboratories Inc. (KPL). In August 2000, the intellectual property was transferred to Capital Genomix Inc. which was organized as an independent privately-held company. In November 2002, we acquired the DYNEX Technologies division of Thermo Electron Corp. After improving the sales and profitability of DYNEX, the Company divested the division in October 2002 for cash and stock in the new entity Magellan Biosciences (formed from the merger of DYNEX and ESA).

GS320™ has been developed from RAGE (Rapid Analysis of Gene Expression) technology that was exclusively licensed from the University of Texas’ M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas by KPL in 1999. The basic framework and underlying intellectual property related to our ImmunoMouse™ technology was invented in 1996 by Dr. William Hearl, our Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Hearl subsequently constructed the founder mouse strain incorporating the ImmunoMouse™ technology in 1998. This work resulted in the establishment of two stable mouse strains that both carry the transgene that makes our proprietary approach to enhanced genetic immunization possible and forms the basis for our ImmunoMouse™ capabilities. . In July of 2008, AntiSomaGen Inc. was incorporated, and, in an asset purchase, acquired all of the assets relating to Immunotherapeutics, Genomic Biomarkers and Cancer Vaccines were transferred into the company, as well as all the scientific team necessary to fulfill the company’s business plan.