AntiSomaGen has assembled a world class portfolio of intellectual property based on several key platform technologies that enable discovery research and new drug development.

  • GeneSystem320™ (GS320™) for the discovery of new genes (known and unknown), biomarkers, and for the analytical study of genes and gene expression patterns, whether human, animal, or other, whereas competing technology such as the GeneChip™ platform of Affymetrix, restricts analysis to a defined gene set selected by the manufacturer;
  • ImmunoMouse™ is AntiSomaGen’s proprietary antibody development technology that enables the rapid preparation of useful antisera directly from genomic discoveries. The ImmunoMouse™ is a transgenic mouse strain invented by AntiSomaGen’s scientists that has been engineered to be receptive to gene immunization. AntiSomaGen is pleased to make this unique technology available for antibody development as part of our contract services capabilities.
  • Proprietary Genomic Profiles & Biomarkers have been identified using a combination of AntiSomaGen technologies; these genes have been shown to have potential as biomarkers of cancer.